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300,000 children live on the streets of Mumbai
Just 50 will feed a street child for 1 year
100 provides a weeks dental and medical care for 100 adults and children
Just 5 / month gives a child a basic education


This project aims to provide food and non-formal education to the street children of Mumbai, by using 4 specially adapted school buses.  Complete with desk tops attached to the back of seats and a teachers white board, each mobile classroom visits up to 4 slum areas a day.  On every visit the children are given a 40 minute lesson in either Hindi, Maths or English followed by a hot meal of usually rice and dahl.  By visiting the same places everyday Monday to Friday, Vision Rescue are able to ignite the children’s interest in education and get their learning to a standard allowing them to enrol in a local government school.


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This is the projects first school within a slum.  It has 47 students and opened in 2012 under the guidance of a trained teacher.  At the BCS, students wear a uniform and are taught about behaviour, respect, manners, pencil control, reading and writing, phonics, mathematics, rhyming and arts/crafts.  They also get regular health checks from the Vision Rescue Doctors.

If successful, Vision Rescue plans to open several more slum schools over the next few years!




Vision rescue also runs a day care centre in the Red Light district.  The children attend Monday to Friday during daytime hours whilst their Mothers go to work in the local streets and brothels as sex workers.  In the brightly coloured centre the children receive a basic education, play games, participate in arts and crafts and are given one hot meal on each visit.  These children also receive dental care and health check-ups provided by the Vision Rescue Doctors.






The sports training in Vision Rescue all started with a group of street children kicking a ball around in a park.  Now the project has a full time coach who trains several teams (boys and girls) to play soccer, cricket and hockey.  They participate in matches with other well known teams within Mumbai and have proven, through their achievements, that no matter what your background is, with support and determination you can be as good as anybody else.



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