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300,000 children live on the streets of Mumbai
Just 50 will feed a street child for 1 year
100 provides a weeks dental and medical care for 100 adults and children
Just 5 / month gives a child a basic education


For people living in the slums, the healthcare offered to them is very substandard and sparse resulting in a lot of families not attending hospital when they become unwell.  When Vision Rescue saw people in the slums suffering from overwhelming infections and illnesses, they decided there was a need to build two separate mobile vans, one to treat medical problems and the other any dental issues.  These mobile units take a Doctor and Dentist directly to the people that need it, providing free health assessment, treatments and medications in the slums. 


On average, the medical van treats 550 people each month mainly children, travelling to at least 2-3 slum locations.  The Qualified Doctor, nurse and community co-ordinator who travel with the vehicle treat illnesses such as anaemia, depression, epilepsy, alcoholism,  stress, wound infections, gastric problems, malaria, diabetes, burns, malnutrition, HIV and tuberculosis. They also transfer people to hospital if needed and continue care in the slums for anyone discharged from hospital or those families needing continuing healthcare and support.


Onboard the dental van is a fully qualified Dentist and dental nurse who are supported by a community co-ordinator.  They visit up to 6 different slum areas each month, treating up to 170 people, and are also working with the local government to treat the women and young girls in a local rehabilitation centre.  A recent survey conducted in the areas where the dental van has worked extensively, has shown a drastic improvement in people’s oral hygiene.

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